Cloud Pen Warranty Policy

Cloud Pen Warranty Policy

Step 1. Is it under warranty?

We back all our pens with a one year (12 months) battery warranty.
Replacement batteries, when purchased separately, come with a 6-month warranty.
Atomizer and accessories that are defective are backed by a 30-day warranty if still unused.
(We recommend all products get tested before first use.)

2. Is your pen registered?

Make sure you have registered your pen. You can Register your product HERE.

3. Fill out the warranty form.

This form helps us gain a better understanding of our consumers. However, failure to complete and return this form does not diminish your warranty rights.


Include your name and the email address used to order your pen inside of your package.
For battery exchange: send ONLY your battery by itself.
For atomizer exchange: send ONLY unused atomizers.

Send your package to:
P.O BOX 151085 LA, CA 90015

Once we receive your package, you will be given a promo code to order your replacement!